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Lunula () by AEIOUart Lunula () by AEIOUart
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||    M A I N  •  P R O F I L E    ||

                                                               Name:                                                 Lunula (χαϊμαλί)
                                                                   Age:                              2724, Noumenia, Theoxenios, 710 B.C.E.
                                                             Gender:                                                    Female/Cis
                                                              Height:                                                          3'8"
                                                                Rank:                                                Primal Emanation

    Tier III Magic Caster, Tome. Has a naturalized weapon from her namesake, but they are never revealed.

||    P E R S O N A L  •  I N F O R M A T I O N    ||

     Lunula's coy and bright, her demeanor shining like you'd expect an 8 year old to sparkle. She's bubbly and peppy, always full of ideas and suggestions to be shared if needed. A wise little thing carrying the thoughts and opinions she has so carefully cultivated over the millenias, she is naturally inclined to seek out those who know the most and learn as she can from them - but is also happy with the company of those who are "less educated", for experience is equally valuable. She is extremely perceptive of body language and tone, along with her surroundings in general, a skill honed over time as well. Lunula does have a problem of blending together the faces of people she knows now and once knew, along with their personalities, which may cause her to call you the wrong name. She is profoundly secretive of her motives, and would far prefer that people perceive her as charming and cute. This saves her a lot of hassle, and she plays the part well. She can and will lie straight to your face about critical information if she thinks you don't need it, or simply doesn't like you. But what? No. How could you say that about her? All she has ever done was try to help you!! You don't believe them, do you?? How hurtful. What a horrible thing to say, she would never lie to you. She is extremely manipulative. Won't bother trying to stop you if you try to do simple tasks for her either, less for her to tend to. Likes being carried around, but won't admit it. She is a dominant person by nature but has a bizarre submissive streak which can be explained if you were to pry into her history - mind, that is no easy feat.
    [ BIOGRAPHY ] 

    Many people wish to become a child again, but just because you look like one doesn't mean you lose your responsibilities. Lunula has appeared 8 for a damn long time, her namesake being the direct cause of this...the amulet gifted to her at birth - a cultural custom of the era, the crescent medallion having supposed to be buried on the night of her wedding - has such a profound tie to the woman that so long as she is wearing or utilizing the item which has hung somewhere on her person for the last two thousand years, she has the same appearance as she would upon the day of her death. Removing it, however, would give way to her genuine body and appearance, the magical sway of her namesake dissipating the mirage of wide-eyes childlike wonder; but this is not commonly-gifted knowledge, as Lunula not only takes careful measures to conceal her true age, but also does not tell others of the power which her namesake carries. Truth be told, Chapeau is the only one who is aware of this transformative ability...and that is only for security purposes.

    Lunula grew up in Greece back in the late Bronze age, living with her elder brother. Through a series of unfortunate events and poor timing, Lunula was picked up as one of the sacrificials maidens to be sent to the Cretean Labyrinth in Knossos at the end of the Great Year. Thrown in the labyrinth with 13 other children, most of the young wandered together, but she and many others lost their way in the damp, unlit underground caverns of the Minotaur's lair. It was only a couple days before the effects of dehydration set in and she was well on her way to her death bed, having yet to encounter the Minotaur. The deprivation of her sight in the blackness of the labyrinth gave way to particularly chilling audio hallucinations, and she was both frightened and in disbelief of the vivid nature of the figure which began to materialize before her, their unfolding wings giving the child the first light she'd seen in days. To be honest, she thought this figure to be a muse, or should she be so lucky, Persephone herself to allow her safe passage to Elysium. But this stranger was unfamiliar, and extended a gentle offer to the reasonably terrified girl.

    "Would you like the power to prevent this from happening to others?"

    The only request of this light-bearing, seemingly holy creature was a simple trade, the consent she follow into the afterlife for a time. But she will return prepared to thwart Minos' requests before the next Great Year passed.
    The final, desperate action of a dying child was to agree. And it was over quickly and painlessly.

    Her soul sold and now a creature of Hades, Lunula spent six years training under this daemon in the underworld. Come the year she turned 14, she was set free to convince Theseus to volunteer to slay the minotaur, and then travelled to Crete as fast as her tiny body could carry her, coaxing Ariadne to affection for the Athenian arrival.

    The minotaur was slain, and Daedalus' invention became obsolete.

    But now she was immortal, what was she to do? A creature of Hades, as desperately as she wished to see her family again, she could not risk it. "Perhaps," she thought "when the Fates deem it time and show their mercy."

    She meddled with important events of history, assisted the Persians in the destruction of a massive portion of Athens, accidentally boosted Theseus' ego to the point of kidnapping Helen and thus inadvertently causing the fall of Troy, was a driving force for Judas' betrayal, dabbled her hands in magic for the Far East and assisted in the battles of the Three Kingdoms Period, along with many other global events. Wars. The rise and fall of empires. Revolutions. If it was important, she was there for a fair number of them. After all, she had endless time, what else could she do with it but meddle? And meddle she did. 

    But she's grown bored. Nearly three thousand years of history under her belt, the only thing she is now concerned with is watching how the world changes, and how each culture has evolved. That, and refining her magical technique, a hobby which has yet to dissipate since she died so long ago. Nobody is quite sure when she showed up at the Headquarters, and nobody knows if she will blow out just as she blew in - soundlessly and without warning. But for now, she watches, and she teaches, and she chroniclizes. Lunula actively interacts with others who do not patronize her - many eventually glean that she is far older than she appears and plays herself off as, and she does not mind, so long as they do not pry as to why. 

    To Lunula, Daten is a particularly bizarre sector with a strange cast of characters - but this a refreshing change in comparison to some of the more tightass areas she had been in as of late. Though she misses Agios' warm lights and the sea of Crete, it had been some time before she has passed through the continental US. She was overdue, and there was plenty of talk about them on a global scale. Current political downturn in Greece had given her plenty of opportunity to wreak some havoc, but maybe it was time to tone it down. Enjoy a different kind of chaos.

||    A D D I T I O N A L  •  N O T E    ||

    [ LIKES ]
People underestimating her.
The smell of books, both old and new.
Honeycomb - she may not care for sweets, but you can definitely bribe her with some high quality fresh honeycomb.
Savoury flavours.
Feeling the air around her as she and open clothing.
Cultural evolution, and watching it occur.
A well crafted lie.
    [ DISLIKES ]
Small spaces.
The dark.
God forbid said small space is both dark and damp.
People prying in to her history and past.
Being snubbed off, especially if she is trying to communicate with her.
People who talk a lot, but say nothing.

• Lunula's sexuality is none of your damn concern, she is 8. She's a big ol lesbian. But she's still 8. Fat chance.
• Pester Chum is meddlesomeImmolation

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