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||    M A I N  •  P R O F I L E    ||

                                                               Name:                                     Cufflink (Xiù kòu 袖扣) "Cuff" Isley
                                                                   Age:                                               34, April 30th 1980.
                                                             Gender:                                                      Male/Cis
                                                              Height:                                                          6'2"
                                                                Rank:                                                     Minor Lord

    Shuang Gou (雙鉤).

||    P E R S O N A L  •  I N F O R M A T I O N    ||

    Cufflink is a very patient man with a sense of humour the size of the Pacific. He has a deep sarcastic streak, but this isn't out of his nature to be a prick and is rather simply a quick way for him to amuse himself and hopefully others in a wider situation. Mind you, this doesn't stop him from being a douchebag, and he absolutely is on occasion. He is generally quite aloof and doesn't give very much of a fuck about...well...most things really. At least on a whole, non-personal level. For matters involving a smaller social sphere, he pays a little more attention, but often remains just as aloof as before. That isn't any of his business, usually, and he won't make it his. He is a very creative person who enjoys working with his hands and stitching sequences of sound or ideas together, and can get very passionate for the things which catch his interest. While he will throw himself entirely into a task he must perform, it is rare that he will lose himself in it, but if he does it will turn out spectacular. He has developed a bit of a 'big brother' complex for the 'black sheep' he encounters and is patient in terms of offering education and advice if it is sought of him - though he hardly expects people to come to him, and is always surprised if they do. He's very much someone who is blind to affections if directed to him, and you would need to hold a "I AM FUCKING INTERESTED IN YOU, DINGUS" sign in front of his face for him to realize it. He's quite level-headed and realistic, and does his best to keep a cool visage in a serious situation, but he can slip in to old habits and get particularly snarky, sarcastic, and cynical. Due to his cultural upbringing, he may seem a little (or very, depending) misogynistic, but this isn't due to a lack of respect for women. In fact, he has very high respect for them. But he does believe that certain roles should go to each gender and that they should not overlap.

    [ BIOGRAPHY ] 
    Having effectively raised his sister in lieu of MIA parents, Cuff has a particular feel of protectiveness about him for younger types and will deliberately seek them out - though it is unclear if this is a natural magnetism or choice on his part. This rings especially true with a couple of young boys in the HQ. Cufflink has some mixed feelings about his homeland in terms of what is occurring in China on a large scale and what it's doing to the lower classes, having been caught up in that fiasco for so many years, but he tries not to speak much of it. Besides, if he were, he would probably just slip in to irritated Cantonese.

    Growing up on the streets was tough, but he grew an affinity for street magic and street gambling in those years, making good use of his talents as a demon to have earned some Yuan to keep food on the table and his baby sister warm. He sacrificed everything for her and doesn't feel a bitter bone in his body for it, as he is very proud of the woman she's become. Cuff worked hard to keep the two undetected due to China's single child laws, and still to this day has no idea how their mother managed to conceal the two children. He managed to keep them out of heavy labour and gang activity in their youth, but only barely. He is a musician and a poet, not a tactician. The two have lost everything they owned before, and he no longer tries to be partial to material objects. He developed a chain smoking habit while raising her, and he can say he's trying to kick it all he wants, he's not, and he's very picky about his tobacco. He also knows that alcohol does not get along well with him and he avoids it as much as possible.

    Cufflink refuses to state if the two were naturally born demons, or if they had made contracts when young, and gets bristly and offended if you press the subject.

    As he's seen many faces come and go, Cuff fulfills many of his social needs when he isn't working as a translator for his sibling in the Headquarters. Cufflink is very streetwise and knows how to barter, a talent he developed in Hong Kong markets while raising Bangle as best he could. He doesn't speak extensively of his past, though holds a particular bitterness towards female angels, something about a lover who lied to him? Whatever it is, he doesn't like to talk about it.

    When he and Bangle were at the Eastern HQ, Cuff used to operate as a younger trainer and translator through the area, not leaving his work to just his sister, who was still completing her education - he always did enjoy her being in school for a mix of reasons, but she inspired a particular love of reading in him which has drawn his interest towards engine mechanics, linguistics, herpetology, and the ocean floor. The Isley siblings have travelled extensively throughout the world for Bangle's education, ultimately winding up here in Daten after she took a job opportunity at the local University, wherein the two transferred to the local Hell Corp sector.  He's found a good home in the philharmonic for Daten as a day job, but deeply enjoys his job at the Lackadaisy, where he plays piano and tends bar. He knows a certain girl fairly well, but only because she is a regular at the Lackadaisy - but he very much enjoys her voice when she occasionally takes the stage. He is also partial to another woman whom he has met through the HQ, and the two have bonded closely over their love of music.

    Hilariously, he has huge beef with someone whom his sister has befriended, barely tolerating their presence in the Isley home.

    Cufflink doesn't expect they will stay in Daten for terribly long, maybe half a decade tops unless Bangle gets very comfortable in her job. So for now, he is simply trying to slide through and make her transition as easy as possible while staying quiet in the sidelines.

||    A D D I T I O N A L  •  N O T E    ||

    [ LIKES ]
His piano
Anyone else who happens to play music.
Has a deep affinity for well-done colour theory.
Spicy foods.
Black teas and kombucha.
Most varieties of onions.
Loose clothing which breathes easily.
Absolutely adores reptiles and amphibians.
Seeing his sister pleased.
Performing "magic tricks" out in the market, taking a special delight in fucking with humans.

    [ DISLIKES ]
Sweet foods.
Cold drinks.
Too much attention being focused on him at a time.
Any mockery of his more feminine hands, which he has found makes playing the piano far easier.
Heavy rainstorms.
Discussing his parents in any capacity.
Being separated from his sister for too long.

• Cuff and his sister have a Western surname due to the trade hubs in Hong Kong. Cuff refuses to say which side of the family it came from, but apparently it's about three generations old, as both their birth parents were of Chinese descent.
• Cuff collects a lot of dumb bullshit, like rocks and stamps and coins. He has no real explanation for why.
• If you were to ask him nicely he will happily 
• Speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, German, French and English, along with their corresponding sign languages. This was necessary so that the two could travel properly.
• Sometimes censors his sister when translating for her, as she can get crass or blunt in her speech formats.

Complete overhaul 10/1/15
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