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Pantchains () by AEIOUart Pantchains () by AEIOUart
Wristwatch | RookKitten Heels | Bangle | Cufflink | Lunula | Pantchains

||    M A I N  •  P R O F I L E    ||

                                                               Name:                                  Pantchains "PC" Alexander DesRosiers
                                                                   Age:                                               16, May 26, 1998
                                                             Gender:                                                   Questioning
                                                              Height:                                                          5'6"
                                                                Rank:                                                       Tempter

    Funk and Jam, a pair of tonfa which he prefers to avoid using. Someone is teaching him mixed martial arts so that he can use these weapons properly regardless.

||    P E R S O N A L  •  I N F O R M A T I O N    ||

    Pantchains is a timid sort of kid, and he tends to keep out of trouble. He's seen enough of it to not really want more. He takes a lot after his half-sister, and is generally well-mannered and warm to others. He can be jittery and uppity and a lil twerp when he's in a new situation that he's grossly uncomfortable with, but he settles down within the week and is more positively responsive once he does. He is a very mellow kid overall, though sometimes by his less concerned responses to what should be a serious situation, you have to wonder how much of that he bullshits. While he is studious and puts a large amount of work onto himself in the form of school of having used to extensively volunteer and give back to the community, PC makes a point to try and socialize and have fun, and is generally an extrovert. He may not be outgoing, but he loves the company of others. He is not a fan of combat and is generally pacifistic, but he'll deal with it if he's in a corner or has to. Far more interested in creation rather than destruction. 

    [ BIOGRAPHY ] 
    Born to Flak Jacket and Glove, PC was raised an only child in a very questionable marriage spurred not long after Jacket had divorced his previous wife, Pendant (which had spawned Kitten Heels). He had a very love/hate relationship with his father, and a profoundly noxious one with his mother, who had convinced the child to agree to a contracting bond with a demon at the tender age of nine. After all, mama knows best. His curse only became apparent to him - and so too his grievous situation - around 13. This has eventually culminated in his dropping out of school, one day freshly 16, to move from Seattle to Daten to reside with his elder half-sister, who had always looked out for him (and had always thought his mother to be the damned devil incarnate, and her response to Kit's questioning of his allowance to move unsupervised proved to him why.) He never considered he and his mothers relationship truly abusive, but it was deeply so, and her response to Kit shook him for quite some time as he settled in the new city.

    Now enrolled in Daten High and having settled in to the city, PC is exploring himself both in regards to his sexuality and his gender, which he feels might not quite be "male", but he isn't sure he's "female" either...frankly, he has no idea what is going on there and is expressing himself in a variety of manners in order to figure it out. PC is neutral as to which pronouns you use on him, and really doesn't give a damn if someone defaults to a cisgendered male assumption; though he is considering trying to piddle around with pronouns in hopes that maybe hearing one with him most often would assist in this endeavor. His sister is extremely supportive of this exploration of himself and he feels more than comfortable to do so with her holding his hand. He isn't uncomfortable with what he sees in the mirror...but something tells him it isn't right, either. Like too much is there? Or perhaps not enough. Regardless of what it is, he's determined to figure this out.

    PC works under his sister and her best friend in Purgatory, and had been diligently to trying and earn his soul back, PC felt things were improving - until the same contracting demon hunted him down, forcing the teen's hand on suicide, or an unknown worse bestowed upon his sibling and the few friends he'd made. Forced or not, the act of killing ones self is an ultimate act of Wrath against the creations of God, and his hesitant, horrified concession to act out the demand had negated his work and damned a child with a personality far more befitting an Angel. He is trying to make the best of what he's been dealt, and while he is upset by the curse laid upon him now, PC does not entirely regret his actions. Keeping his sister and friends back home safe, to him, were more important. He is very acquainted with demon social culture, as during his father's deployments with the USAF, a good deal of his socialization was with demons and their ilk. He's not sure how the Daten sector demons work, but he figures he can pick it up.

    He's very concerned for having to do...whatever it is demons do, as his moral compass hasn't changed in the least, so in order to avoid unwanted shenanigans with them, he's taken to becoming extremely preoccupied with his studies at the high school, his excuse being that he wants to go in to Neuroscience and needs very high grades for such a competitive program. So far? It's working.

||    A D D I T I O N A L  •  N O T E    ||

    [ LIKES ]
BMX biking, downhill biking, it on wheels? He probably likes it.
Being an omnivert, he does enjoy his time on his own.
Really big scarves.
Nice coffee...and the smell of coffee...and the taste of
Street art and tagging.
Lizards and reptiles (his sisters pets are his favourite. Though he has a leopard gecko now too.)
Taffy and hard candies (not unlike a grandma he is always carrying hard candies around).
Acoustic guitars.

    [ DISLIKES ]
Morally bankrupt behaviour.
Formal attire.
If you burn coffee on purpose (ex. Starbucks) you are dead to him.
Chemistry class is a fucking nightmare.
The fact that a certain pain in the ass likes to drag him around and into trouble, regardless of how much he likes said pain in the ass.
Anyone dissin' on people he's close to.
People who are really obnoxiously loud.
Weeaboos. And not like "I like anime anime is cool" joke weebs like his sister or Shady, but "JAPAN IS SUPERIOR, THE BEST, IT IS SUGOI DESU NE, BAKA GAIJIN YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE AND LEARN SUPERIOR JAPANESE CULTURE" weeaboos.

• PC is bisexual and demisexual, but he tends to avoid male relationships due to his history. This history is also why he is extremely weary of incubi.
His secret talent is beatboxing.
• He is unaware of the discussion his sister had with the previous Absolute (now headed by Mantle) which has allowed him the privileges of staying home in a clearly polarized environment with frequent Heavenbent and Angel visitors or housemates - nor is he aware of the silent pressure put unto her to be sure that they can't influence him terribly much.
• Pesterchum handle is kickflipHijinks

Artists note: 
The Funk and Jam tags were heavily referenced from street tags and as such are not entirely my design. They are two blended tags which I redrew and repainted with the same general spirit as the originals.

    App Formatting Overhaul 15/1/2015
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